From underneath, the six-cylinder 'boxer' engine behind the rear axle - it can only be the iconic Porsche 911!

Only a handful of car marques are universally recognised for their performance and motorsport heritage. Porsche is one of them.

When you drive a Porsche, you understand why the brand holds a special place in the history of motoring and motorsport. Whether yours is an early classic or a late model, rear or front-engined, you experience the unique Porsche character every time you climb behind the wheel.

But while Porsches are performance personified, they can still be improved: more power, better handling and braking.

Fortunately the platform of Porsche’s most popular model – the rear-engined 911 – has been one of the most enduring in automotive history: only three versions since it was introduced in 1963! It’s ideal for upgrades and backdating (fitting modern engines, transmissions and other components to older models).

If your Porsche has seen better days, then we can mechanically detail or restore it to as-new condition. We also do mechanical repairs and log book servicing.

At Team Corse we understand the Porsche mystique. We have extensive experience improving and maintaining these amazing cars to their owners’ exacting requirements.

Our workshop is conveniently located in Arndell Park, near the centre of Greater Sydney.

Some of the Porsches that Team Corse has looked after are pictured below.

PS. If your Porsche needs to be collected or delivered, we can arrange a special tilt-tray truck from Prestige Vehicle Transport. The tray has a hinged edge designed for low-riding cars.

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