The Montreal is a typical Alfa Romeo: fast and stylish, but needing regular servicing and attention to its mechanical foibles.

Alfa Romeos – Alfas to motoring enthusiasts – have ‘character’. They’re fast and beautiful, but they can also be temperamental; enormously satisfying to drive if they’re looked after properly, but if they’re neglected then look out!

The older models with carburettors or mechanical fuel injection are finicky to keep in tune. And there are particular parts that, to put it mildly, weren’t designed or manufactured as well as they could’ve been.

But to Alfa afficionados it’s all part of the passion and excitement of owning one of these legendary Italian sports cars.

It goes without saying maintaining an Alfa, especially an older one, isn’t a job for your local garage mechanic. It takes years of experience to learn the tricks and traps of these tempestuous machines.

Team Corse owner Mick Mitchell knows the tricks and traps of working on Alfas. He served his apprenticeship at Sydney Alfa Romeo dealer Frank Crott Motors, and was a mechanic with Colin Bond’s race team when it raced Alfas.

Mick can save you thousands of dollars by checking your Alfa for signs of trouble before it strikes. That’s especially important if it’s modified for the road or you use it for motorsport.

If your Alfa hasn’t been getting the attention it needs, then we can mechanically detail or restore it to as-new condition. Our workshop is conveniently located in Arndell Park, near the centre of Greater Sydney.

Some of the Alfas that Team Corse has looked after are pictured below.

PS. If your Alfa needs to be collected or delivered, we can arrange a special tilt-tray truck from Prestige Vehicle Transport. The tray has a hinged edge designed for low-riding cars.

Contact Team Corse to chat about your Alfa Romeo road, race or rally car.