As its name suggests, the Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior was the baby of Alfa Romeo’s mid-1960s to mid-1970s range. It shared the GT family’s iconic Bertone-designed two-door, four-seat body, and its 1300cc DOHC engine was the smallest of the four-cylinder engines.

The ‘A’ in GTA stands for Alleggerita (Italian for Lightweight), and Corsa (Racing) signifies that the engine was tuned by legendary Italian firm Autodelta to produce 110bhp (81kW). Of the 450 GTA 1300 Juniors built, most of them were designated Stradale (Street) and a small number of Corsas.

This example was raced during the mid/late-1960s by Queensland radio DJ Bill Gates, whose other claim to fame was discovering the Bee-Gees pop group! Subsequently the car fell into disrepair, and was in a sad state when its new owner asked Team Corse to do a full restoration on it.

The photos here show the painstaking work that went into the resurrection of this rare classic race car.

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