Restoring a classic road or race car that’s seen better days back to as-new condition is a highly specialised field. Few original parts are still available, and those that aren’t have to be machined or fabricated from scratch.

It takes a lot of skill, experience and painstaking attention to detail.

Team Corse specialises in restoring the mechanicals: engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and steering. If your car’s bodywork and interior need restoration too, then we know the best in the business.

Bring your pride and joy to us for some overdue TLC. It’ll leave our workshop, conveniently located in Arndell Park, close to the centre of Greater Sydney, in as-new condition!

Some of the performance, race and rally cars restored by Team Corse are pictured below.

PS. If your car needs to be collected or delivered, we’ll arrange a special tilt-tray truck from Prestige Vehicle Transport. The tray has a hinged edge designed for low-riding cars.

Contact Team Corse for a chat about your restoration project.